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I’ve heard Zaccheus Jackson Nyce perform Invicta many times, and on each successive listening, I felt I understood a little less of what the poem was about. Or, rather, I came to realize that the poem contained layers of meaning that far exceeded my initial, simplistic understanding. Was it about the genocide of colonization? Obviously. But how was that related to the other mysterious images that appear throughout the poem? One moment, the...

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It is a gift to be asked to write. With it comes: confessions, testimonies, responsibilities, fears, questions, curiosities and hopefully some discoveries that might lead to answers. And with it comes the possibility that someone will read, hear and speak these words.

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What would you do if you knew that Hell had frozen over? It is a question that Prufrock Shadowrunner posed to over four hundred people at Vancouver’s Rio Theatre on May 2: finals night at the 2015 Canadian Individual Poetry Slam. 

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