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In the fall of 1994, I presented what I think of as my first spoken word performance. I wrote a series of nursery rhymes for adults and shared them as part of an informal gathering in a student-run space of my alma mater, Concordia University. I was rapidly embarking on what would become my spoken word career.

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Scene Reports

It is a gift to be asked to write. With it comes: confessions, testimonies, responsibilities, fears, questions, curiosities and hopefully some discoveries that might lead to answers. And with it comes the possibility that someone will read, hear and speak these words.

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Moe Clark has a geography that is difficult to pin down. Some part of her still lives in the Rockies, where she grew up in Treaty 7 Territory, looking at the high mountains and the wide sky. Another part sits with her ancestors in Manitoba, across the Prairies. Montreal, her home of the past eight years, has a strong hold on her – where her creative community is vibrant and diverse. Maybe it's better to describe Clark's landscape as a road...

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