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In April 2015, Ian Ferrier and 21 other poets hopped on a train across Canada as part of David Brydges' Poetrain project. What follows is the final dispatch in a three-part series on Ferrier's experience…   Sometimes, on long bends where there are not too many trees close to the track, you can see all dozen cars ahead and the lit windows of the lives of all of us.

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Artists often get accused of being impractical and pie-in-the-sky – and we should be! But developing business skills can give us a major advantage. Knowing how to get your projects funded can be particularly helpful in terms of career longevity, visibility and productivity. For muggles, time is money. But, for artists, money is time. It gives us the chance to walk, dream, think, create, tour, produce, collaborate and record.   What's...

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What would you do if you knew that Hell had frozen over? It is a question that Prufrock Shadowrunner posed to over four hundred people at Vancouver’s Rio Theatre on May 2: finals night at the 2015 Canadian Individual Poetry Slam. 

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