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An increasing number of poets and spoken word artists are taking advantage of the Canadian Fringe Festival circuit as a performance opportunity. These theatre festivals charge artists an entry fee but pay all (or almost all!) of the ticket sales back to the artist.

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As 2013 gets underway, the spoken word community in Halifax, Nova Scotia is poised to have one of its best years in a long while. With Word Iz Bond’s Speak! series entering its 13th season and a few new regular nights up and running there are more opportunities than ever before for poets on the East Coast to come out and play.

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Twelve years ago in my CEGEP English class, my teacher attempted to teach thirty very apathetic eighteen year-olds about the twentieth century literary currents that lead to Postmodernism by handing out package of poems by various writers: Tristan Tzara, William Carlos Williams, Frank O’Hara, and at the back, a recent poem, “a car wash the size of a peach” by Jonathan Goldstein.

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