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posted on Wednesday, June 6, 2012 - 12:17 by chris

As a gesture of support and solidarity with the Quebec student strike and in opposition to bill 78, Alessandra Naccarato organized an events called "78 Poems Against Bill 78 in 78 Hours". LitLive is happy to be showcasing some highlights from the massive list of poems-- over 150!-- submitted in the 78 hours between June 1st and the morning of June 4th. See them all at


Here is one selection from poet Shane Koyczan 


Ending The Fast

Calories be damned 
give back the original recipe 
we are tired of your diet freedom 

no more reduced liberties 
no more 50 percent less rights 
no more freedom free freedoms

you will not sit long 
upon this saddle of broken backs 
you will not rest your feet 
on the tired shoulders 
of the heavy lifters 

give back a freedom with no additives 
give it back free range and organic

you were not asked to be in charge 

you were trusted

this evaporation of faith 
is a natural response 
to your constantly turning up the heat 

the warmth you enjoy 
must now diminish 
and spread 

sacrifice is something offered 
not taken 

you have became experts 
of taking 

how many cookies 
did you think 
were left in the jar?

your hands smell like freedom
simple rights 
sit like crime scene crumbs at the corners of your mouth 

you are a fat government 
telling your horse to diet 
believing it is lazy and slow
because it will no longer carry you 

it can’t carry you

it watched you gain weight
it feels the heavy burden of your wretched entitlement 
it remembers the hungry bite of your stick 

and notices 

the absence of the carrot.