The VidLit Contest voting is now closed! Coming soon: Your winners!

Image by Moe Clark

Voting closed on September 15th. Thank you to the many hundreds of votes! We will announce the winners soon!

In no particular order, your finalists are...

#1 - "GRAF" by Motion, directed by Eklipz, feat. ZIon


#2 - "The Love Song of Roy G. Biv" by Kevin Matthews


#3 - "Inverting the Deer" by Gary Barwin


#4 - "Right Side Up" by Ian Keteku, animation by Indie Venture

Ian Keteku - Right Side Up from Ian K on Vimeo.


#5 - "Fingers" by Sandra Alland, performance and poem by Alison Smith (Note: this video is meant to be watched with volume off.)


#6 - "Christian Confession" by Joel McKerrow


#7 - "Miriam's Song" by Shabnam Piryaei

Miriam's Song from Shabnam Piryaei on Vimeo.


#8 - "24" by Susan Cormier


#9 - "Profile" by R.W. Perkins

Profile from R.W. Perkins on Vimeo.


#10 - "Odds and Ends" by Swoon, words & voice by Joseph Harker

Odds and Ends from Swoon on Vimeo.


Vote for your favourite three now!