Issue 1 Profiles

The Fugitives originally emerged from the Vancouver slam poetry team of Shane Koyczan, C.R. Avery, Barbara Adler and Brendan McLeod, the winning team at the 2004 Canadian Spoken Wordlympics. When they were subsequently invited to a poetry festival in Europe, the group decided to book a few other shows and tour as a band. “We did these group pieces where there was singing and beatboxing and poetry, that was the style at the time,” Adler explains. “We had pieces like that, and because we were going over we needed a name.” Hence The Fugitives. Today, McLeod and Adler are the surviving original members, having parted company amicably with Avery and more recently singer-songwriter Mark Berube. The quartet now includes songwriter Adrian Glynn and multi-instrumentalist Steven Charles.