Issue 2 Profiles

sometime in the mid-2000s in the middle of winter, the middle of the week, close to the middle of the night, there was a blackout in little italy.  all of the streetlights suddenly snuffed out.  the kalmunity vibe collective was in sablo café, on the corner of st-zotique and st-dominique streets, about to start into a live set, when the room went dark.  the audience murmured and wondered - sablo kafé was full - sweating room only - as it was every tuesday.  so what?  so what happened?  the collective improvised, collectively. wicks were lit, the musicians ignored amplifiers in favor of acoustic ) live organic ( the vocalists disregarded microphones and projected direct into the air.  the audience closed in to the bandstand.  the collective captured the moment and created an ambiance from the darkness, and just as the rhythm began to move & breathe, the lights flickered, fluttered, and finally glowed.