Issue 4 Live Performance Reports

When Catherine Kidd set out to write a new solo show a few years back, she felt drawn to the theme of reputation – bad ones, specifically. Who gets a bad rep and why? The poor, the mentally ill, the sexually exuberant, the gender variant, survivors of violence, and the scavengers in a society of excess all get painted as bad examples. Dismissed as either rotten apples or damaged goods.
Enter the hyena as the ultimate symbol of scapegoating – an adaptable and resourceful creature of tremendously bad reputation who shares a number of traits with the undesirables of our human society. The hyena, as it turns out, was the perfect focal point for Kidd’s new production, Hyena Subpoena:
If I could be a hybrid species, here’s what I would be:
A creature who’s one-half hyena, and one-half me
And should I be called to testify upon my own behalf,
I’ll take the stand, and be sworn in, then laugh and laugh and laugh.