Video: Kaie Kellough and Cornelia Hoogland

Remind me not to follow Kaie Kellough at a reading. After 20 minutes of listening to him balletically "break the language"-- bantering in Dyslexic, phoentically dubbing and deconstructing the alphabet-- I scarcely know what poetry is anymore. If an attack on the language had endured much longer, I may lose my ability to navigate meaning and function as a human more than 7 months old, and then achieve satori. I mean that all in a good way.
Luckily, Cornelia Hoogland's imagery is immersive enough to keep us tethered to this plane, and hold its own after any reader. Both of them offer intriguing insight into their work in an informal Q&A after their readings too, in this video recored April 2012 at Emily Carr University.


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